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Insulin Sensitivity

If you're like most people, when someone mentions "insulin" you think "diabetic." Well, it's time to change your thinking and learn how insulin affects YOUR body.

Your pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone responsible for your cells' ability to uptake, store, and use glucose for energy. It's an absolute necessity for life! Without insulin, glucose (the energy your body converts from food), cannot get inside your cells where it is used for energy or stored for energy use later on.

Normal levels of insulin are healthy and necessary. But too much of a good thing, in this case insulin, can be deadly! To be healthy, your body needs to produce the right amount of insulin and respond to the insulin appropriately. You do not have to be a diabetic to suffer from insulin-related problems.

In fact, most people suffer from insulin-related disorders. That's why it's important for you to understand how insulin works in your body and what you can do to be sure you have the right levels of insulin. Did you know your body can become resistant to insulin? This resistance can make you fat and cause inflammation that is involved in the diseases and ailments that plague us.

Dr Taylor's Remedi for Healthy Living, explains in easy-to-understand terms what you need to know about insulin, insulin resistance, and inflammation.

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