SENSITIN, A New Way to Healthy Living

A 40-page booklet giving you the information you need to understand the role insulin sensitivity plays in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The booklet also tells you how to begin a low-carbohydrate diet that will help your insulin work in the right way so you can optimize your health!

This 5x7 handy size booklet is easy-to-read, has lots of helpful information and great examples, and is written to help you start "today." Dr. Taylor also shares several of his family's favorite recipes, includes important carbohydrate information in easy-to-use table form, and provides valuable tips and suggestions throughout the book.

Dr. Taylor says, "When I share the health benefits of optimizing insulin sensitivity using a low-carbohydrate diet, people want to know how to begin and how to do it now! If you are like most people, you don't want to read all of the books and literature. You just want to take advantage of the benefits as soon as possible. So let's jump in with both feet!"

Table of Contents
  1. Meet Dr. Scott Taylor
  2. Introduction
  3. What does insulin do?
  4. Too much insulin makes us fat!
  5. Eating low carb foods
  6. Flip the food pyramid
  7. Sensitizing yourself to insulin
  8. Exercising, supplements, and good tips
  9. You're on your way
  10. Insulin-related disorders
  11. Bibliography
  12. Success Stories