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Low Carbohydrates

Learning about food types is an important part of learning a new, healthy life style. We've all been taught to eat foods according to this famous food pyramid:

The problem is that the bulk of the foods we are told to eat are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugar or starch foods. All fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates, as do grains and cereals. Sugar and white flour are the worst forms of carbohydrates. And since carbohydrates are hidden in many foods you need to make it a habit to read the labels!

What's the connection between carbohydrates and insulin resistance? The key is that a low carbohydrate diet lowers blood levels of insulin and improves insulin sensitivity. You need to re-adjust your thinking about which foods you should eat. Flip the food pyramid upside down!

To eat healthy, you want to eat the low carbohydrates-foods with less sugar and starch. Dr. Taylor gives you guidance in which foods to eat in a low carbohydrate diet in his booklet, Visit our Products Page for details..