Product Number: DS1001
Product Name: Remedi™
Product Category: Dietary Supplement
Product Description: The low-carb diet in a pill.


Remedi™ is made from a blend of all natural botanical extracts and does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine, ephedra, or drugs, which make it safe to use.

Because of its significant stabilizing effect on blood sugar, Remedi™ improves the ability to tolerate carbohydrates and is very beneficial for diabetics and those suffering with insulin resistance. I am very encouraged about the potential benefits of this new dietary supplement. Diabetics do need to be aware that Remedi™ will dramatically improve their sensitivity to insulin. It is important for diabetics to reduce the amount of insulin or medication they may be taking accordingly. Remedi™ will also correct coagulopathies in individuals that have tendencies to form blood clots. If taking anti-coagulants such as Coumadin, individuals need to be aware that the dose of blood thinning medication should be reduced or eliminated.

Remedi™ and Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. My research has taught me that excessive carbohydrate intake leads to inflammation including arthritis. Remedi™ is effective in preventing arthritis from occurring and reversing its damage once it has occurred. This also includes relief for the millions of people who suffer with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Remedi™ along with borage oil, folic acid, chelated magnesium, and a well-balanced low-carb diet, is able to dramatically improve most cases of arthritis better than any medication available. The regimen does this by increasing the synthesis of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, such as PGI2 and also reducing the production of pro-inflammatory fatty acids.

Remedi™ and Asthma

Asthma is a common problem for young and old. The botanical extracts formulated into Remedi™ are extremely effective at relaxing the smooth muscle of bronchial airways. It corrects the root of the problem by balancing the important fatty acids that control bronchial dilation. A deficiency in PGI2 causes asthma.

Remedi™ and Fibromyalgia

The sensitivity to pain other stimuli that occurs in the devastating disease fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue syndrome) is caused by an imbalance of prostaglandins. These sensitivities are increase by prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). Pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen, work by blocking the production of PGE2. However, our body uses another prostaglandin to control the sensitivity to pain. PGI2 is used to reduce our sensitivity to pain. The pain relievers mentioned earlier also block the production of this good prostaglandin. This explains why pain relievers don’t work for chronic pain relief such as in cases of fibromyalgia. What is needed is an increase in the natural production of PGI2. The regimen I recommend which includes Remedi™,specifically enhances the production of PGI2.

Remedi™ and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

There has been a 700% rise in the use of Ritalin in children since 1990. There are more than 3 million children taking Ritalin in the U.S. In both children and adults, ADHD is caused by a PGI2 deficiency. ADHD occurs in predisposed individuals with a deficiency of PGI2. PGI2 functions to keep the brain from becoming overly excited and irritable. This is similar to what occurs during fibromyalgia, the brain is too sensitive to stimuli. Most of us have seen children after they have consumed too much sugar. They simply bounce off of the walls because their brains are over stimulated from inflammation and a deficiency in PGI2. The regimen found below is effective at treating cases of ADHD and preventing them from occurring. This is a much more effective therapy than the use of Ritalin. Ritalin can be very harmful and stunts children’s growth.

Remedi™ for Erectile Dysfunction and other PGI2 Deficiency Disorders

Most cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by a PGI2 deficiency. Yes, excessive carbohydrates are the major cause of male impotence.

The good news is that we now have a therapy available that will correct the problem at its source; a PGI2 deficiency. The regimen I recommend in this book is the best strategy in dealing with erectile dysfunction. Remedi™ is an essential supplement in this regimen. The expensive prescription drug Viagra® must be taken just prior to intercourse. The regimen I recommend corrects the problem and allows nature to take its spontaneous course.

A few of the many other miscellaneous disorders that are associated with PGI2 deficiency include: seborrhea, psoriasis, irritable bowl syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, lupus, diabetic neuropathies and multiple sclerosis.

The suggested dose of Remedi™ ranges from 1 to 6 tablets per day. Strict compliance with a low-carbohydrate diet generally reduces the dose of Remedi™ needed to 1-3 tablets per day. Higher doses (4-6 tablets per day) are usually only necessary for individuals consuming high carbohydrate diets, or who have extreme insulin resistance and/or impaired ability to metabolize fats efficiently. Take 1 to 3 tablets once or twice daily.

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